Community over Competition

Small in Size. Big in Community.

Walk into our studio, and we know you by name – or nickname. At Pearl Street Fitness, we take “belonging” to a gym to a whole new level. You will feel at home in our studio, which draws in the pulse of the local neighborhood we serve. Located in a historic building with brick walls and high ceilings, you will find our studio boasting as much personality as our members.

Denver's Best Kept Fitness Secret

We work hard to motivate members through our supportive and non-competitive environment. Your biggest competition is YOU! People generally say that they can see we are "more than just a gym." Members become family. Our brand is built around the people that come through the doors, give us their best and leave feeling stronger and more confident!

It takes grit to make a pearl - our workouts provide the grit and our members are the pearls! You will never do the same workout twice and and we will keep your body guessing with the most dynamic workouts around. This will result in improved metabolism, stronger and leaner muscles and more endurance!

Pearl Street Fitness

People walk in to Pearl Street Fitness, and then they walk out strong and confident. We provide the means to
produce real results.

Pearl Street Fitness

Join us today and become part of the family!

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Over 50 Classes Weekly. Fresh Workouts Daily.

Never (ever) do the same workout twice. We keep your mind and body guessing, so you never know what’s next. Pearl Street Fitness uniquely applies the laws of science and movement to each workout design. You’ll become balanced. Your metabolism will skyrocket. Your endurance will go through the roof. Your performance and speed will improve. Leave our workouts feeling refreshed, productive, uplifted, and wanting more.

Meet Our Trainers

Our trainers are positive souls who are motivated and focus on getting your health and fitness better with each passing day.

Danielle Schmieder, PSF Manager

Danielle is a Midwesterner at heart and has many obsessions including, but not limited to, running, tacos, singing, tennis, and making others feel awesome! A true girl boss that believes health and happiness are synonymous with good friends, clean food, moving your body, and fresh air!

She is a NASM certified personal trainer with degrees in Kinesiology and Human Movement Sciences. Danielle is our studio manager.

Danielle Schmieder
Cory Jagger

Cory Jagger

Graduate of Fort Lewis College with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science - specialist Option and a coaching minor. Cory also ran a Strength and Conditioning business called ‘Elite Strength and Conditioning’ in his home town of Durango, Colorado.

Cory then moved to Thailand to pursue Muay Thai, which landed him here in Denver with the majority of his gym experience here at Pearl Street Fitness. Cory has a unique gift when it comes to programming; your arms might be sore after leg day.

Drew DeOrsey

Drew DeOrsey

Kansas boy who started lifting weights in his best friend’s basement when he was just 12 years old. He fell in love with group fitness after a lifetime of team sports.

Guilty pleasures - explicit rap music, dark chocolate covered almonds from Sprouts, kisses from his beautiful girlfriend and walking around with his shirt off. He is a NASM certified personal trainer.

Liz Kushner

Liz Kushner

Liz is a Colorado native who enjoys all things fitness! She is an ACE certified personal trainer and also has her Crossfit Level 1 trainer cert. Her passion is to help deliver kick ass workouts so people leave happier, stronger, and fitter.

Outside the gym, you can usually find Liz in sweat pants at the local Sonic eating a foot long chili cheese dog.

Caitlin Pittaway

Caitlin Pittaway

Caitlin has been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade holding certifications from NASM, CorePower, CrossFit, TRX and more. She would describe her training style as high energy, intentional and constantly evolving. She feels at home leading a group through a sweaty hour of movement. The best feeling for her is knowing she helped a group find their inner badass and reach new levels of strength or power. 

Kerry Audie

Kerry Audie

Kerry and her husband are the owners of PSF. Kerry is a NASM certified personal trainer with specializations and certifications in Women’s Fitness, Pre/Post-Natal Fitness, Barre Fitness and Yoga/Sculpt.

She believes that fitness is a lifestyle; an evolving journey. When she’s not at the gym, she’s with her kiddos, in her kitchen or making playlists.


The biggest part of the PSF team is our members! We would not be able to do what we love without all of you. Your participation, loyalty and effort allow us to do what we love! Thanks for being a part of our family - and if you aren't yet, what are you waiting for!?


MindBody Reviews

Amy K.

"Love the small class size! So much personal attention!"

Lindsey P

"Just keeps getting better."

Class Pass Reviews


"Never know what to expect coming to Pearl Street! Different every time but such a great workout"


"Hardest class I’ve done in a while. Highly recommend!"


"Super intense class, instructor always makes sure that you’re doing the moves properly"


CHALLENGING but music was awesome and teacher was tough but friendly!