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Pearl Street Fitness is a Denver fitness studio that's small in size but has a large community. People immediately notice that we're not like the typical gyms in the area. Our gym is built around helping individuals conquer their fitness goals through our intense and dynamic workouts.

Our trainers are the best of the best and stay focused on keeping members safe, motivated and strong. There is a lot of strength waiting for you within these walls - you just need to work for it and we can help you!

Pearl Street Fitness Promises

Beyond personality, we’re about safety. We’re about lifestyle, not competition. Quality is more important than quantity. We will carefully watch your form, and correct your imbalances. The way we motivate you and push you to the brink but not over, will leave you feeling empowered.

Our trainers are a very integral part of our Pearl Street family. Prepare to drop all labels, and become part of a welcoming community of strong, confident people.

New To Our Studio?

It’s not about who you are when you walk in, it’s about how you feel when you leave. We are not your run-of-the-mill gym. Maybe you've heard we’re intense and while that is true, you get out of our workouts what you put in. Meaning, your body - your class.

We practice what we preach in here. Community over competition. You are your only competition. You will leave feeling stronger and more confident! You'll return ready for more

Just wait: The results will speak for themselves. Ditch the excuses, and let us surprise you.

You’ve already found us online — now you just have to walk through our door. Come try a class and see for yourself. You’ll sign up for the workouts — and you'll come back for the experience.


Pearl Street Fitness

MindBody Reviews

Amy K.

"Love the small class size! So much personal attention!"

Lindsey P

"Just keeps getting better."

Class Pass Reviews

"Never know what to expect coming to Pearl Street! Different every time but such a great workout"

"Hardest class I’ve done in a while. Highly recommend!"

"Super intense class, instructor always makes sure that you’re doing the moves properly"